Core Values: Our WHY

SMashBox is a new-concept day camp built on old-concept values.

Values like:


All kids really need is love. We hire engaged, supportive leaders who love kids like it's their job. Because it is!

Outside PLAY.

Imaginative, exploratory, messy, limited-structure play. It's the good stuff!

Age appropriate FREEDOM.

There is a time to guide, and a time to stand back. We are intentional about both.

OLD into NEW.

We use old things in new ways to encourage thinking outside the box.

"Accidental" LEARNING.

Kids learn experientially at SMashBox through play, participation and sensory engagement. It's summer, so keep this a secret.

GOOD People.

Teamwork, kindness, and other good things are rewarded with our camp currency, the all-powerful SMashBUCK.


Camp for a Cause... It's how we give back. Kids are exposed to a need and choice - will they donate SMashBucks?


Our logo is a fingerprint because we know you're unique, and we love that! SMashBox is where the real YOU gets to PLAY OUT.
At SMashBox, we aim to send kids home at the end of each day feeling tired, looking dirty, and living FULFILLED.
We have the same hopes and dreams for our staff.
We believe that in engaging with our values, people can come to understand THEIR value.
And when people know their value, the world is... well... GOOD.

Camp SMashBox: Where childhood plays out.