What People are Saying



“Just wanted to tell you what a blast my daughter is having at camp this week! She comes home each day happy, dirty and tired – a perfect combination for a 7 year old. Color day yesterday was off the charts. Thanks so much for all you’re doing to make it the pinnacle of her summer!” – Mom, 2015

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate SMashBox and your always reaching out to all of us with such warmth and grace.” – Grandmother, 2015girlproject

“My son loved his first day at camp and his big brother did too. His favorite camp by far, and, way better than school or home. Ha!” – Mom, 2013

“I just wanted to tell you how much my daughter has been enjoying [working at] Camp Smashbox…. Being with you and at Camp Smashbox has made her feel special and like she belongs. So thank you, as a mother this is all you ever want for your child.” – Mom, 2015dog pile

“My daughter slept last night from 6pm – 8am. It has been like that all week. Thank you!!” – Mom, 2015

“Thank you for providing such a great camp for our kids. You do an incredible job.” – Mom, 2015

“Thank you guys for putting together such a great camp for the kids…despite her not knowing many people at this year’s camp SMashBox 2015 week 4-40she has already stated that she “doesn’t care. I am doing it again next year!”  My daughter has a tendency to be a “shrinking violet”…for her to be so confident is wonderful for me to hear and is a testament to how fantastic your camps are.” – Mom 2012

“I have been coming here since it started. It’s the only camp I will go to.” – Camper, 2015

“You guys could charge wayyyy more for this camp. You know that, right?” – Mom, 2015

“I drive more than 30 miles to attend this camp. It’s the best!” – Mom, 2014

“This is the funnest day of my life!!!!” – Camper, 2015

camp SMB week 2 2015-117