Trips ‘n Treks

trip-treks-iconTrips ‘N Treks is another one of our platforms that exists for one main reason: to love on kids.

We found that day campers were growing up and growing out of SMashBox, and that made us sad. Trips ‘N Treks are for the older “kids,” to keep ’em close to the leaders who love ’em. Trips ‘N Treks are also a way for SMashBox employees to have a little (more) fun of their own.

Trips ‘n Treks vary in their destinations and in the intentions behind each offering. In the past we have traveled both near and far with the purpose of serving others, learning a new sport or skill, challenging ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, getting outside our “bubble,” or┬ásimply to enjoy mother nature and to seek rest.

Check out the SMashBox location nearest you for offerings. We look forward to the next adventure!