What kids really want this holiday…

It happened to me our first Christmas with our daughter… perhaps it has happened to you too? My husband and I were so excited to play Santa that we went a little overboard on the number of items under the tree. My husband and I, the SMashBOX people, the ones with the phrase, “all you need is love, and, if you want to have a lot of fun, a cardboard box.”

We learned quickly as new parents. Spend a wallet-full on a toy, and if that toy came in a quality box, there’s a good chance the box will be more exciting, or hold a child’s interest, longer than the toy itself.

We stumbled upon this article last week and had to laugh. “It’s funny cuz it’s true: Kids prefer Cardboard Boxes to flashy toys.” In light of this, and making light of this, SMashBox is delivering big ol’ cardboard boxes to the first 20 local campers who register for summer camp 2016 between Black Friday and Cyber Monday who write in the “anything else we should know section, “all you need is love and a cardboard box.”

Not ready to commit to summer plans yet? We get it, and you don’t need us for cardboard. :o) Give a call first and then head on over to your local big box store – Target, Walmart, Lowes – they have holiday merchandise coming in in big boxes, and with a little heads up are generally happy to reserve and donate boxes (aka – hours of fun) to your kids’ imaginative cause.

Gobble gobble.

xo – Camp SMashBox