Blog the Bash

Who Are These Kids?!

It was a great first day of camp!

There is plenty to report, but we’re going to focus on the one thing that blew our minds the most today…

PARENTS!!!!! As if we weren’t excited enough to see your little people, today they left us in awe of who you are, and who they are, and how you are raising them!!

For years we’ve given SMashBucks (our fake camp currency) to campers for demonstrating good character. For years campers have used SMashBucks to purchase afternoon treats for themselves, and to purchase pies to cream their loving leaders in the face. For years you parents have made donations to our Camp for a Cause initiatives. Today was the first day we gave campers the option to give back and make donations themselves.

This year when campers walk up to the snack shack window each afternoon, their leader shares with them a need in the world. They have the option to donate some of their hard earned bucks to the cause, or not. Donations are matched with real money, DOLLAR for DOLLAR, so that campers learn to understand their choices and service really can make a difference.

PARENTS!! We didn’t expect this!!!!

Who are these selfless children you’ve raised?! One little boy gave ALL SIX of his SMashBucks to the cause and announced that he would do the same thing EVERY DAY this week. He forwent the plastic nose that you can stick a pencil in to sharpen. He decided against the bouncy ball or the Popsicle, the root beer float or the comic book sketch pad: he gave it ALL!

In two of our groups, EVERY SINGLE CAMPER put some of their money in the bucket. EVERY SINGLE CAMPER.

Well done, parents. Well. Done.